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Roadmap For Success

Strategic Plan - Your Online Masterplan!

You need a strategic plan to provide a road map; Your strategic plan identifies where your organization is going over the next year or more and more importantly, HOW it’s going to get there. Without a strategic plan, an organization may struggle to move forward without a path to success. A plan directs priorities, focuses resources, and provides milestones for activities and people to move in the same direction. A strategic plan is an organizations roadmap and a management tool for leader who are serious about growth.

Project Management & Implementations

A skilled project manager and strong communication process is important to the success of any project. Project managers are expected to deliver results, on time (if not sooner) and on budget. Solid project planning also reduces the risks associated with any project you take on. Small changes or new requirements placing demands on the managers, occur on every project. With SSi effectively managing the scope of your project, you have more internal staff also more effectively managing project resources — time, money, etc. with SSi assisting in managing those challenges.

Concept Development
  • Operational Needs Assessment —— We apply operational experience to identify and assess gaps in your existing capabilities that are significant impediments to achieving the mission!
  • Concept of Operations —— A defines and verifies the proposed program or system characteristics in terms of the needs it will fulfill from a user's perspective.
  • Operational Requirements— — We will formally, cleary, and as completely as possible, identify the crtical capabilities and functions that drive performance measures..
  • Concept Definition— — A clear description or model of the solutions or attributes needed to address a specific set of requirements or capabilities.

Don't you Love It When. a Plan Comes Together!

We can offer integrated services which include consulting, website development, content services and project management specific to your needs and objects! Our accelleration session consultation will provide focus and options.

No Obligation Consultation

our agile process

Needs & Goals
Strategic Plan
Project Timeline
Project Mgt
Has your progress stalled? Unforseen obstacles & complications require a new plan?

System Savvy can provide professional review, expert analysis and TARGETED, results oriented services. Let's discuss your needs.

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